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Get all the help you need with our Window Cleaning Courses. Become an expert, boost your business and save time. Your window cleaning business is steps away from being super charged with the



From tool reviews to tips and tricks on how to clean windows, whether you're brand new or you have been in the trade for a while, our YouTube Channel Trad-Man The Window Cleaner has been helping people for years!

My name is Peter McKay aka Trad-Man.

I started working as a window cleaner in 2008, I've worked for 2 large professional window cleaning companies who used both traditional and pure water cleaning methods.

In 2015 I started my own business and in 2017 I began making YouTube videos to help those just starting out and those that have perhaps been in the the trade for some time.

The goal for me as a window cleaning YouTuber has always been to show the latest tools and techniques so you can create an even more successful business for yourself or simply make your life that little bit easier.

Now, with the Tradman Academy's window cleaning courses, you can have more specialised and personal training to make your business even more successful, or to get your business started in the first place.

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